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@Drift Monkey

Thanks very much for stopping by, I'm glad you like the photos. The tank is ticking along nicely at the moment (famous last words!). The shrimplets are getting bigger each day, well except for the special one In fact they are probably not counted as shrimplets any more.

Here's a few pics I took yesterday

The mini shrimplet. It's become a favourite of mine, still hasn't got much colour, who knows what it will end up looking like! Maybe wild type?

And another of him/her above the adult. All the others in the photo are it's siblings.

Some of the new ones getting their nom on!


Thanks for looking and for liking

Hmm tips for good photos. I just take a lot. I'm using a bridge camera that does a fair job at macros, but it sounds like you have dslr? Maybe have a search in the photo section for tips there. One common (and good) piece of advice is to take photos at night, or when the room is as dark as possible.

I always try to get the focus on the eyes as best I can. As I say, I take a lot and then crop the better ones.

Good luck with the new lens, I look forward to seeing your photos
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