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This is the 29G tank with the original gravel it came with and with the lonely anubias tree I created. This was also before I installed the inline filter or heater, or the CO2 setup, etc.

Here are the two Nerites that live in this tank:

Older journal posts

I started keeping my journal entries in new replies to this thread, rather than constantly updating just this one post - here are some of the updates from before that happened.

25 August, 2012 - Free tank given to me by a coworker - Cleaned thoroughly from ~7pm to 1am

2 September, 2012 - Stocked with 3 Tequila Sunrise Guppies, 2 Red Tail Guppies, and 5 Neon Tetras.
Also attached two Anubias Barteri plants to the driftwood with superglue. I decided I wasn't in love with the gravel substrate, and I really wanted to

4 September, 2012 - Installed a Hagen DIY CO2 system for the two plants. I'll probably upgrade to a pressurized system soon, but I'll eventually want the DIY ladder

8 September, 2012 - Noticed high nitrite levels, tank is cycling again. Started doing daily water 40% water changes.

11 September, 2012 - Decided I didn't like the gravel and that the tank would have to cycle again. Switched to a new substrate, Flourite Black Sand, which I had to rinse for hours on end. Completed the substrate change without incident. Thankfully, my order of 20 "low light beginner" plants from Bob's Tropical Plants arrived (along with a fair number of dead nerite snails). I have no idea what most of them are, but I planted them all!

14 September, 2012 - Plumbing day. Installed new Eheim 2217 canister filter, Hydor 200W inline heater, and ISTA Max Mix CO2 reactor (with my DIY Hagen). Mounted my timed power strip inside the cabinet, plumbed the lines around the insides. Introduced two new turquoise guppies and two more neon tetras, bringing each of my schools to 7. I want to get some larger individual fish next, but I haven't decided what.

17 September, 2012 - Nitrite levels were up a little today, did a 70% water change and dumped the remainder of the stability bottle I had in there. I also acclimated and added 5 ghost shrimp... hopefully the nitrite levels aren't a problem. I'll be dosing prime and keeping an eye on it closely this week. Also found a little MTS, might have hitchhiked on the plants or came with the ghost shrimp...

19 September, 2012 - Still high nitrites... going to do another large-ish water change.

20 September, 2012 - My python water changer broke in the middle of a water change, what a pain in the ass.

22 September, 2012 - Rescaped, added new driftwood, plants, and introduced some new tank mates (Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, 2x Dalmation Mollys, and 2x Otocinclus). Nitrites are still present, but manageable. Going on vacation for 24 hours, we'll see how the tank does.

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