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Hey, I just saw your tank and am incredibly jealous lol
I just got back home today (I've been gone from my tank since my last post) and...things aren't looking the greatest.
Tons of growth, but for all the growth there is also a ton of mess cause things got uprooted, like part of my Red Tiger Lotus :\
I'm going to have to be doing a water change later and re-planting things that are floating/things my dad just planted at random while I was gone, but I already get the sense that my aflames are either doing poorly or are dead, my glandulousa is gone, my macarandra is no more, and a few other things
However, my lace plant is pretty massive now, and my stems, although all over the place, are definitely recoverable.

I think the other problem I have too is that once my stems get uprooted they tend to find their way into my powerhead...which doesn't look attractive and probably minces them up. I'll still be getting that co2 system eventually and a few more plants, but my bigger focus now with fish will be the little 5 gallon I bring with me to college. Not the greatest looking tank in the world but it should get the job done at the very least lol

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