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What do you mean by "spazz out all over the place...."- what were they actually doing ?

- Problem is, we don't know enough about your overall circumstances - all I know is that you just got those discus 2 or 3 days ago, they're not eating yet, and one is already in bad shape.

Did you get the Cories, the Otos and the Loaches at the same time, or much earlier - when ?
How long has that tank been set up, and do you regularly check your water params ?
What does the water test for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and pH ?

You've lost an Oto and a Loach now - sounds like water condition(s) problems.
How are your discus holding up, especially the one which the Cories have apparently victimized ?
They are very small, young discus, and need special care and attention, like frequent large wcs for starters.
Just want to help here, but don't know enough of your particulars.
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