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Originally Posted by CryptKeeper54 View Post
Curious to see how that "frosted/mist" back looks when fillled with water
That makes two of us, haha. Hopefully it's OK, otherwise I think it will be easy to peel off.

What filter you going to use? HOB or canister?
I bought the finnex canister, though I'm regretting it a bit now. It doesn't come with quick-disconnects, and buying some will jack up the $35 price to the point where I might as well have bought a 2211. Out of cheapness I'll make do without them, but it will make life more inconvenient then it needs to be.

At this point I'm hoping to avoid heating the tank, since the less hardware I have on my desk the better and I'm not thrilled with the idea of an internal heater in a tank this small. My office is heated to around 23 during the day and drops to 21 on weekends, so I'm afraid it's pushing the limits for tropical species. WCMMs get a bit large, so I may end up being limited to cherry shrimp unless I go for some type of heater. Anyone have suggestions? my main thoughts for this setup have been with the plants, so I don't have much fixed idea about fish yet.

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