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The stones are collected locally. Some were immediately reactive; most weren't. The ones you see passed the first test but I will monitor water parameters before adding anything but neos.

Thanks for the warning about notocyphus and also the tip on cinder gravel. That could work well, especially with the blend-n-spray technique, to create interesting shapes.

This project is named Compromises, one of which relates to the choices of flora. Here are some of the nano plants I considered and the reasons they didn't work:

HC - wanted but needs CO2 and high lighting
DHG belem - wrong look
HG - same
Microsword - same
Rose moss - failed to thrive in an earlier incarnation of this tank
Riccia - supposedly a major pain
Glosso - needs high light and CO2 to stay low per APC
UG - CO2, would have been ideal

29g high tech, 10g low tech halfmoon, and please see my 5g crescent journal.

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