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One great thing that I just love about Wabi Kusa is the sheer speed of their growth. Here are a few shots of how it's coming along. To me, it's like bonsai, but faster. Because of the way they grow, you can predict what your display will look like. Here's how this one will play out.

1.) The HM ball on top will grow out and lusher, and cover the entire ball; then it will begin to drape down over the others.

2.) The mixed Bacopa sp. Wabi Kusa will grow both outwards and upwards. I'll trim it in a triangular fashion so the front is lower, the back higher, and it will lead your eyes into the other balls.

3.) The Ludwigia palustris 'red' (which is sort of hard to see now) will grow outwards and upwards, providing the display with a nice splash of red concentrated in the back right.

4.) The Hydrocotyle Japan will grow upwards in neat, flat layers like clouds. It'll look really neat.

So, here are the photos. I took the saran wrap off of the tank for the photos, but I'm still working on the acclimation. It's fine for 2-3 hours or so without any sort of cover right now, though.

The top of the display. You can see how the HM is already growing out, and fast.

If you look at the Ludwigia palustris 'red' ball, it's already shooting off in multiple places. In a week or so they'll be more visible.

And a couple of the actual setup. Wabi Kusa can really add a great splash of nature to any room.


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