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True Review

Aquatic Gardens: C-

Disappointed with the quality and quantity.
Some tanks were clearly infested with Ich, and only 1 was labeled not for sale.

Limited selection, higher than average prices.

Nice staff, if not entirely helpful, I met the younger woman and man.

Dog was cute as hell though.

Final review in my opinion, not worth more than 10 minutes drive.
decent for locals.

OOPS Ocean Odyssey Pet Store B-

Large stock compared to other stores in general area, especially FW.

Fish looked healthy, and happy mostly.

Quite a few were mislabeled, such as various cichlids and Plecostomus being sold as pirhana haha, could just be they didn't change signage yet.

The two younger women I saw in the store were nice, but they recommended to another customer who didn't even know the size of her tank, that She get a 12"pleco, 8" black ghost knife, a shovelnose catfish and a few dozen tiger barbs. The customer, thought she had a 55-70 gallon but compared it to the 40 Gallon breeders for display.

Oh and they had a 20% off FW gimmick, that seems to be constant.

bottom line, I'd shop here, but not get advice from the workers I met.

Exotic aquatics, address listed is a P.O. box.
Could not find on my own, and could not find with the help of anyone in the area either, and was told it may be closed by most.

And the Pet supplies "plus" by State, had the best selection of aquariums, hoods, Filters, and media. and a large variety of foods.

Fish are not recommended from them though haha.

Sorry I didn't get names, no one offered, and I didn't have the energy to track them down and ask names, without having too many questions to follow.

I will Give any LFS a chance, and sometimes more than one.
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