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I am insulted... 10 gal.!!!
That is my 30 gallon... shows how large my newt is!

Sam, it has been determined that this is a male, is about 8in. long, and as thick as a half-dollar. He is going on a diet, they fed him way too many of those chemically altered (Large Meal Worms), which are really high in fat.

He is a (Grey Tiger Salamander : Ambystoma tigrinum diaboli) and is awaiting a mate. I hope to get a female before spring... for sam...

Like I said, that setup is no longer around. I just made that because I noticed he liked land more than water. The pet-store had him in a 10 gallon with about 8 other frogs, fully in water. They all croaked with fear at his mighty, yet clumsy strikes.

His new pad costs about $400 and now he has as many toys as I do... more even. I don't have a humidifier control in my room, and he does... but I have the computer, so we are even! I will take pics before I tear it down for his new Super-Ultra-Mega-Supremo-Home, which is still about 1/4 the size of the mirrored tank!
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