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Originally Posted by temple2101 View Post
Woke up at 3am to order! I've had both Android and iPhone and while I LOVE to tinker (I hacked the crap out of my Android), I finally decided I just wanted something that worked. I've never had an issue with any of my iPhones. Android, on the other hand, always required me to hack it to get it the way I wanted.

Did I really NEED a new phone? Nope... but I can sell my current one for the cost of the new one (upgrade price, not full retail), and I'm a techie, so I love new gadgets.
That's pretty much what I do as I suspect many do, since eBay has a large section of their home page dedicated to turning in your old phone. If you wait then the price of your old phone goes down, so for me anyway it's a no brainer to upgrade.
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