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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
im not a music buff or anything, but im a musician so i can kind of tell wahts good quality and not. about a month ago i got a pair of Mee m9's the reviews i read online were good and i got them for $12 shipped, cant go wrong dissapointed in these earbuds! i feel like my Skullcandy dubs were better than these. the double silicone earbud is nice for sound isolation, but why isolate sound when the new sound doesnt blow you away? they also broke within a month of medium-light use! the earbud fell into two pieces when i was taking it out of my ear! not yanking it out, slowly taking it out.. fell apart. i talked to the place i got them and they are sending me a replacement pair. hopefully this one is better. if not, im trying to Phillips! thanks for the recomendation! i think ive seen those at walmart and other stores.. is it just that model? or any phillips buds?
Neither am i, i mainly watch videos on the subway and listen to music when i'm writing at work. I have to admit, i probably came across these philips in the past and skipped them due to the cheapo packaging. I'll be first to admit they look cutsy and not professional audiophile cans by any means. Look for the SHE3580s or SHE3590s (newer version) with the same drivers. The last digit will vary depending on the color. The other philips models are reported to be nothing special so go for the ones listed.By accounts from other headphone fanatics, the SHE9700 is an all around upgrade for the SHE3580/90s with more clarity and deeper bass. I ordered both and fortunately these $7 ones came first.

I checked CVS/Walreens/Staples/officemax and none had this particular model so i had to turn to shEbay. I hear others found them at TJmaxx and target but they aren't convenient for me to visit. Honestly, i was about to order another set of Etymotic HF5's since mine were lost but wanted to try something new that was nearly as good. I don't think anyone will complain about the sound quality on these guys. For $7, if these disintegrated in my hears, i could easily afford another 21 pairs for the amount of those HF5s. lol.

Ive heard good things about those triple fi's as well but the design has remained for a number of years now.

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