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Originally Posted by if_fishes_were_wishes View Post
I think I'm cranky for lack of sleep from getting up to buy the thing. My apologies I just wanna say, yay Friday, and let's be nice and hold hands and sing and think of rainbows and unicorns....and iPhones :P
lol. Ya, I'm not trying to be hostile and as I said, if you need it or are going to use the new features, then go for it. Sadly, that's not the majority of iWhatever users who don't even use their iPhone 3 to it's fullest and only have Angry Birds installed and don't know nothing about nothing who act like their are "leet" because they have an iPhone. I run a repair shop and am heavy into tech, tech forums, tech sites, tech news, etc, so I see the mentality maybe a lot more than the average person, but the apple fan-person culture and mentality is strong.

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