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Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
From a business point of view, Apple is great. They sell way overpriced stuff in a bit sleaker case and people lap it up. I can build a pc or laptop for the 3rd of what Apple charges for one with the same specs.

As for the Foxcomm thing, really a lot of our electronics are made there or in similar conditions, so we're all guilty of supporting that kind of sweat-shop labor for our own needs. As for the suicide thing, they installed bars on the windows and nets on the ground to help that

Anyways, if you need the new features of the iPhone, grab one. If want it to have it, think twice about camping out for it and spend your money on plants and shrimp instead. lol.
I'm with you. I've had to change my blackberry battery every 8 months due to heavy use and inability to keep a full charge. My touch and ipad 1 & 3 is hacked with appz for things i use. There's generally two camps, users with app collectoritis that know nothing about how to use anything, or people who just have zero apps other than the default.
Yeah there are a few folks that are tech affecionado but most guys i talk to reveal their fanboihood within the first 5 min...

iphoners arent the only posers as die hard blackberry users curse our phones but neglect to do their patches and updates or even know how to reboot their phones with the keyboard. All these thing really come down to the people and the products that sculpt them. its not always the tech at fault.

Just to be PC, Apple is great for creating platform products with style and largely design their products around creative folks. Unfortunately a large portion of their fan base are not the creative-type and fixated on nothing other than style, which is fine. Regardless of our opinions, Apple gets paid and those steel bars on the Foxcomm windows serve their purpose each day.

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