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I, for one, am not a sheep. That's insulting to call all or most people who are upgrading/like Apple sheep.

Come on now. I think I'm relatively tech savvy - I root my stuff, jailbreak my phones, keep up with tech bogs, and I read reviews too. I tried the fiance's Droid. I can safely say I prefer the iPhone.

Plus, I would never camp out for a phone. Not all of us iPhone people would. I avoid lines like the plague.

I don't like Macs because I do think they're overpriced. My Dell does what a Mac could for half the price. I just want to say, please don't generalize.

My iPhone 4 is ok, sure. But who doesn't want bigger, better, faster, more? The camera on my 4 is SLOW for one thing. Yes, the longer screen sounds appealing...glad it isn't wide like some phones out now. I have little pockets, they wouldn't fit!

I'm not upgrading just to have the new shiny thing or I would've had the iPhone 4s. It wasn't a big enough jump for me to upgrade.

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