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I'm not a fan of the fanbois (or fangirls). People will line up overnight to buy the new iPhone for no reason other than to have it. They're not going to use the extra processing power, angry birds doesn't need the new A6 processor. lol. If people have a true reason for wanting it, they use it for work and the extra processing will help when logged in to their VPN, then great. The problem is 95% of them will buy it because they think they need it, and to have it. Guess I can applaud Apple's marketing there, from that point of view, I can admire Apple, they made a great customer base of sheep.

I was reading a review where someone was at the launch yesterday, saying the new iPhone 5 feels so much lighter than their old clunky 4GS. It's 6 grams difference and all of a sudden their 4GS is too clunky for them. Get real, that's the mentality of the fan-people that I don't like.

Acitydweller, that's one of the reasons I don't like any apple hardware. You can't change the battery on them or open them up at all. Parts are a pain to replace. I want to replace the battery in my Galaxy S 4G, I open the back and put a new one in. 10s, done. Their new Macbooks, you can't even upgrade your RAM. PC laptops, unscrew a door, add new RAM, enjoy. 2 mins, done. I want to add a song to my Android phone, mount, copy, paste, 2 mins done. No stupid iTunes software I'm forced to use.

From a business point of view, Apple is great. They sell way overpriced stuff in a bit sleaker case and people lap it up. I can build a pc or laptop for the 3rd of what Apple charges for one with the same specs.

As for the Foxcomm thing, really a lot of our electronics are made there or in similar conditions, so we're all guilty of supporting that kind of sweat-shop labor for our own needs. As for the suicide thing, they installed bars on the windows and nets on the ground to help that

Anyways, if you need the new features of the iPhone, grab one. If want it to have it, think twice about camping out for it and spend your money on plants and shrimp instead. lol.

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