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These are like the blood diamonds of the mobile phone world. Must be something unkosher @ the foxcomm factory with a string of suicides happening. If you havent seen the reports on engadget, gizmodo, or the news then you must live under a rock. seriously?

Geto has a right to his opinion. Personally i have a dozen apple products but i'm not a fanboy of these devices for the mere fact that you cant replace these stupid batteries so easily without tearing the device apart. me being an owner of several ipod touches of every generation and upgrading whenever the stpid headphone jack or battery poopers out. call it convenience to sticking to what works if you will but i'd ditch itunes and apple at a drop of the hat.

I'm seriously considering alternatives like the Cowon x9 the Sony x800 (android based), Z series or cowan players for performance, features and fidelity.

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