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Day 14

I went to the LFS last night to pick up a second Banana Plant (the existing one is growing like gangbusters, but still seems to be too "vertical" for the space so I placed a second plant behind the Mopani wood, near the new filter holes) and came home with a Bumblebee Goby.

It was a spur of the moment thing which I'm half kicking myself for - generally I like to research things first, but the little guy was only $1.99 and after watching the store owner successfully feed it frozen food (Cyclops) I brought the fish & some food home. So far he seems to be doing well - he likes the spot behind the wood, hidden from view, although he comes out every 5 or so minutes to cruise around before disappearing again.

I'm contemplating removing the guppy to another tank (probably a bowl for the near future until I get this old 40g B tank setup) and making this Evolve a Bumblebee Goby tank. Jeez, I've had it home for less than 16 hours and I'm already hooked!

EDIT: Went home for lunch to check on the Goby, he's still alive & well - a bit skittish, but alive & swimming. I resisted the urge to try feeding it (did so last night), but will attempt to feed it again tonight. I did see this fish eating Cyclops in the store but didn't see it eat upon feeding last night - hopefully the 24hrs will have settled it down enough to be hungry tonight!

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Evolve 8 - Life Soup

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