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Kyle, I don't know you very well, but I love this forum you built and would like to thank you for all your effort.

Originally Posted by kevmo911 View Post
Adam, thank you for making the effort to make yourself known and offering a forum for questions.

I, and likely most other forum members, would like to know exactly what changes or additions, however small, that you plan to make to our beloved website. Clearly, there must be a financial incentive for acquiring a (relatively, considering the popularity of the hobby as a whole) popular site such as this, so I assume ad revenue is one of those incentives. Anything else? If so, what? Your finances are your concern, but how they affect "us" is ours as well.

This is probably evident if your corporation owns and runs a large number of websites, but we, the populace, will be kept happier if somebody is around to explain what's going on.

In any case, good luck, and I hope we will all benefit from the change in ownership and management.

I have no complaints so far, Adam, but I must admit I, too, am a little worried about what's going to happen to the forum and would like to know more about your plans for us.
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