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Originally Posted by Mike00726 View Post
You sir, have a problem. What is your favorite out of all those nanos?
Lol. These tanks are "business" related so my wife can't say no and can't call it a problem. I still haven't setup my schuber wright (I think this will be my fav), but my current favorite is the Fluval Edge. It is just so unique and contemporary looking.

Originally Posted by blink View Post
I was thinking about putting a marineland doublebright on top of it, but that might push me into medium or even high light.
I've read some people using other lights. To me, it defeats the purpose of buying these nano "kits". Just try to enjoy it for what it is and work with it. Otherwise, I would recommend saving the money and putting a "system" together with parts you want. Maybe even invest in an ADA tank as the quality and clarity are just amazing. Of course, there are many alternatives out there if you're working on a budget. The market is becoming competitive and the selections should only get better.

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