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It's been about a week since I set up the tank. Pretty sure I don't have to worry about "cycling" the tank since I'm using the filter I had in my last very established tank.

The HC seems to be doing fine. Some leaves (like 1 or 2%) have turned a little yellow, but that's to be expected right after a transplant. I sound like a surgeon... TRANSPLANT THE HC. Anywho, there are other areas with nice bright green leaves that seem to be reaching out a little.

Other than that, the only negative would be a slight hint of diatom algae on my white sand. It happened last time I set up that 10 gallon. Not really a bad thing, just not as pretty as white sand. It's not really obvious right now, and hopefully my 2 ottos and Amano shrimp will take care of it. They eat brown diatom algae, right?

Pictures on the way!
(I don't even look at a thread unless there are tempting pictures, so I apologize for the lack thereof)
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