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Originally Posted by toffee View Post
+1, really nice. Love it. Got a few questions ~ what is the size of the tank? What's the rated power consumption or Watts?

Thanks! I don't recall what current I'm running right now, but at full power, it'd be burning 84 watts or so (I'd have to double check my specs). Under half that of my T5HO's. I don't run it at full power, however. Turns out it's a lot more light than I anticipated! I need to get my hands on a par meter to know exactly what it's putting out.

The tank is an ADA 120-P, which is 65 gallons (48x18x18). At the current height and with 60 degree optics, it has pretty much perfect coverage, with the most concentrated beam covering the full footprint at substrate level (plus a few inches).
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