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"Compromises in 5g" - a shrimp scape

This will be a hardscape focused tank for shrimp intended as an exercise in minimalism and self control. I have a tendency in my other tanks to try doing too much so this will be a nice change in philosophy. Please don't be shy with comments, critiques, or suggestions.

The tank is a 5g crescent, which may offer unique challenges, and the water parameters are on the hard side - pH 7.6, dGH 8.3 - so my options are limited to neos, babaulti, and perhaps hardy tigers, plus snails or microcrabs.

Lighting is a Finnex 26w perched 12" above the PFS substrate. I don't want to use CO2, or even Excel, so a thin layer of floating plants may be necessary.

Below are pics of the planned layout while still dry, with a ruler and pen for scale.

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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For plants, I'm thinking of mini-pellia for rock accents and a plain of mini-fissidens, notocyphus, or possibly peacock moss in the area between the three rocks, depending on the parameters that notocyphus can tolerate. The outer ring of the tank would be bare.

How to create such a plain requires further thought. The outlines of SS squares are too symmetrical and too flat. Perhaps small loose stones held together by a hair net?

As you can see, the rocks are not that tall. Floating plants with long roots - Amazon Frogbit or Dwarf Water Lettuce - would add a vertical component and bring the shrimp into the upper level of the water column.

29g high tech, 10g low tech halfmoon, and please see my 5g crescent journal.
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