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Day Two

I let the tank sit overnight and by the next morning everything was still green & in the same place. Party!


I also did a small water change and as you can see there was some funk to the water & a few melted leaves

Plants Added on Day 2
-3 more Water Lettuce, for a total of 4
-I replanted a small hitchhiker that came in on a Crypt, which I've since identified as Cardamine

Fauna to Date

At this point the tank has 2 Nerite Snails and 1 male Fancy Guppy as my cycling crew. I'd already pre-cycled the tank for a few weeks with a brave & valiant Cardinal Tetra (whose story is outlined above), and decided to add these other critters in an effort to finish off the cycle as quickly as possible.

* * * *

I spent some time wrapping small pieces of quartz in Java Moss for use in the foreground

Since these pictures were taken I've slightly changed the foreground arrangement, and will post updated pictures when I have a chance.

At the end of day 2 this is how the tank looked:

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