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Originally Posted by etgregoire View Post
1- is there anywhere online considered to be THE how to guide for this?

2 - is this technique considered only for growing a carpeting on the substrate?

3 - I see lots of people talk about HC and glossostigma - what Other plants work?

4 - are there particular substrates that work best for DSM?

1- Dont think there is one particular "THE how to" out there, best to search for similar examples for what your planning to do

2- For the most part for many that do it, yes, i'd say so. But not limited to just carpet plants

3- There are lots...lots of aquatic plants can handle it quite well. There are a few that wont, like blyxa, vals etc.

4- I would recommend Aquasoil personally, but any nutrient rich substrate should in theory work the same

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