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At Last - Todd's Walstad Shrimp Bowl

I finished setting up my 3 gallon walstad bowl today so it is finally worth posting about. Thanks to many of you for the inspiration. Here we go.

12" Bowl from Michaels
1" Miracle Grow Organic Choice potting soil (sifted)
1/4" of generic black aquarium sand
13W 6500k CFL Bulb

DHG Belem
Pygmy Chain Sword
Dwarf Sag
Unknown Crypt
Taiwan Moss

25 juvenille Painted Fire Red shrimp
1 Hornet Nerite snail
Malaysian Trumpet snails

I set everything up and began the dry start 4 months ago, so this has been a long time coming. About 6 weeks in, right about the time I saw growth taking off, I learned that my 2" soil depth was going to be too deep. I begrudgingly tore it back down and started over, and it has been going ever since. I finally filled it last week, added mulm from my 72, changed the water all week, and added the shrimp tonight.

The general plan with planting was to have a small field of DHG belem near the 'front', a semicircular row of small crypts behind them, and then the Dwarf Sag and Pygmy Chain Swords mixed together filling the rest of the bowl. I had hoped that it would create a stepped look going from foreground to background, while still allowing the rear to be bushy and overgrown. That dream ended when the Dwarf Sag stayed small and the crypt exploded to three times the height that I bought it. The sag should fill in and get taller now that the bowl is flooded as everything competes for light going forward, but I think it turned out ok like this anyway.

Please forgive the iPhone pictures

You can roughly make out the original plan from this angle

Homemade bonsai-style tree. I'm pretty happy with this piece of wood, even if the top branches in this shot didn't end up fitting underwater.

PFR's from Jimko acclimating. They're buzzing all over the bowl now. Hopefully they're not too stressed.

Full tank shots

Thanks for looking. Feedback is welcome.
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