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Guys, let us remember the intent of this thread. It is here in order to say goodbye to Kyle's wonderful ingenuity and dedication that created a fantastic site for us all to enjoy and learn from. Also, let us welcome the new administrator team and say hello to Adam who has bought the site in order for us to maintain the ability to share our love of the hobby.

If there are individual complaints about someones actions, report them or speak to a moderator/administrator in private. Any off topic bickering from this point forward will be removed no questions asked.

Let's please take this time to welcome Adam and say goodbye to Kyle as owner of this site. Thanks!

Adding: If you are upset with anything said here, free free to continue this discussion via private message with either the administrator or the moderators. Change can be stressful understandably, but I am going to request that we maintain a positive discussion from this point forward so that everyone can benefit. Also, do feel free to voice your concerns here about the change in ownership, but please be respectful of one another in future postings. I thank you all for your cooperation in this matter!

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