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Rams have been a long time coming! My girlfriend originally wanted a planted tank of her own last September, so we bought a 15 gallon aquarium. While we were waiting on substrate to arrive, we decided we wanted GBR's. We took the 15 back and swapped it for a 20 high. After setting up the 20 things got sidetracked and I focused on getting 2x20L tanks and some of the piece and parts for shrimp keeping, neither of which ever got fully built. Life and jobs got in the way... Blah blah blah.... So in July we decided to move to a different house, it was at this point I broke down the 20H, which had only ever house a small Pleco, and started setting up my 55 & 20L to house the GBR's & hopefully offspring.

Got an email from Matt & Mark(Matt13) this morning! Fish are on their way & there are extras! Woohoo! I am serious so excited, my girlfriend said I'm like a kid in a candy store. Haha...

I will try to get some shots of the tank before the fish arrive. After all the melting, plants are really starting to grow!

Click image for larger version

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Here is the ram image from Matt's sale thread, so photo credit to Matt13!
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