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7 Gallon Red Cherry Shrimp Cube (56k)

7 Gallon /25 Litre Nano Cube
Eheim 2213
Hydor Inline 200w
ATC 300 Heater controller
Black gravel
(The light is temporary - 12W 6500k)

Java Moss
Taiwan Moss
Java Fern

Red Cherry Shrimp
A cheeky snail or two

My first shrimp tank was a good introduction to keeping them, but it wasn't that shrimp friendly. Easy for the shrimps to get into the back filters :/ The glass was a bit worn. I will be able to have much more control over things with this tank (I hope!). I want to scape it a bit, but still have the main priority on the shrimp's environment.

I saw this tank and really liked it, hopefully I can do something nice with it. Just plan on mosses and low light plants.

Here it is when I first got it. I am going to run it without the glass top - I can keep my temps lower but I will have to top off more.

I found this interesting piece of wood, but after soaking it for weeks, it ended up being removed as there were lots of holes in that produced white mold. I got it from the vivarium section, so maybe it was never going to work. Ah well!

Substrate in. Cleaned off some silicon and had given it a good clean. I am going to stick with this substrate as it's easy to build up. I want to get some height going to make use of all the tank, makes it more interesting?

I stuck some moss on the wood. I liked the look, little did I know it would end up in the bin!

Here it is in the tank. Just running the tiny filter that came with it. I swapped this out for an Eheim 2213 eventually. It's now cycled, I'm adding ammonia daily to keep it going. The light was pretty crappy, so that is getting replaced. I also got an inline heater, just to keep the tank as free from equipment as possible. I hooked up a temperature controller to that today, as insurance against it going wrong.

Before I threw the wood away, I salvaged some twigs...

And made a little feature.

Here it is in the tank.

(I need to get a better photo than this) This is how it looks today. I cut up a piece of driftwood and stuck it to a piece of slate, then stuck on some moss. I don't think it will stay where it is, but it will do for now. The light is temporary. I am waiting for a clip on to come from China. I'll get an appropriate CFL for it. I also wedged in something to cover the background.

It's been running for 2 months now. Am starting to see some biofilm. Just waiting to get a stand for it and for the shrimplets in the other tank to get a bit bigger before I move them.

I will add the tubes and moss from the other tank, and hide the intake better. So I expect the light scape I have done so far to change.

When moving the shrimps, I plan to get the temps of the tanks the same, put the shrimps in a bucket, remove water from new tank and put tank water from the old one in.

Thanks for looking

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