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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
I wish you had one picture without any rocks, just to see how it would look
My initial plan was to do this tank without rocks, but I had a hard time finding small branches that looked plausible balancing on the substrate. I didn't want to do a "tree"-type scape, so having a branch just stuck into the soil looked a bit off to me. Hiding the base with rocks seemed like the best compromise.

The only thing I am thing is that blyxa may be too big...
I'm starting to be afraid that you're right. I have E. tenellus in another tank and while it looks good, the runners are a giant pain. I have never grown star grass, but it looks cool--I will do some research.

Another thing I was considering was Pogostemon helferi, maybe a clump in the back left and by the base of the wood. I could put a couple of crypts or some reddish stem in the far back right corner for colour contrast.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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