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I really love the scape. Rarely do I like the branchy tree look with larger rocks but the scale is good, plus it's not styled like iwagumi. Though I think I would like it much better with the rocks, I wish you had one picture without any rocks, just to see how it would look. I do think the rocks are the way to go and it has a very "dynamic" look to it. I like the background too.

That's actually a decent amount of HC, IMO, for the money too.

The only thing I am thing is that blyxa may be too big. I have had it grow more compact in the right conditions (fairly high light without CO2 and high plant mass) but it can get big. I cannot think of a plant that would give the same look without being a nuisance. E. tenellus would give the right look but would take a lot of maintenance.

Have you considered star grass? It's a fast grower but really easy to trim and keep tidy. I could see a low bush on the left. You may have to trim weekly but it would just be a few snips.

I mostly just want to see where this goes. Makes me want to redo my first nano but I will wait for it to grow in first.
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