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Online vendors for Canadians - updated 22/06/2013

Hi everyone!

Just figured it might a good idea to make a list of online freshwater fish vendors for Canadians. I know that pickings can be pretty slim up here, our aquarist communities don't seem to be quite as strong as they are in the States and that shipping is murder, but I figured that someone else might be able to benefit from my fruitless searches while I've quested for chili rasboras.

Please feel free to add any sites you know of in the comments, maybe with a few quick details about them, and I'll do my best to keep this list updated.

Here is the current list in no particular order, based on everyone’s input, updated as of 22/06/2013.

Livestock and plants
Angel fish, plants and supplies

Below Water
Facilities currently under renovation as of 13/09/2012, but join the mailing list and you'll be emailed a stock list when it gets updated.

Canadian Aqua Farm
Discus, food and feeding cultures

Canadian Aquatics
Fish, inverts and plants; some supplies (including ADA)

Captain Cichlids
Mainly cichlids, though some puffers available. Some cichlid specific supplies as well.

The aFISHionados - Spencer Jack
Specialized in cichlids, but a long list of other tropical fish as well

Ebi-Ken Studio
Shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp

The PlantGuy
Plants and occasionally some shrimp. Also carries some ADA supplies.

Shrimp, some fish and some plants, also shrimp and plant supplies

US-based, but will ship to Canada
Alpha Pro Breeders
Discus, shrimp and snails; plants; some minimal supplies

Specialized in corydoras, a few other species also listed on the site

Wide range of supplies (including ADA )

Canadian Aquatics
Some supplies (including ADA); fish, inverts and plants mostly.

J&L Aquatics
Free shipping with purchases over 100$. Wide range of supplies, new CO2 tanks at a decent price.

Mail Order Pet Supplies
Free shipping with purchases over 200$. Wide range of supplies.

Pets & Ponds
Free shipping with purchases over 200$. Wide range of supplies, including possible special orders for Fluval or Eheim filter parts.

Pisces Pets Emporium
All sorts of animal supplies, including fish supplies. ADA equipment.

Some shrimp and plant supplies . Shrimp, some fish and some plants.

The PlantGuy
Carries some ADA supplies. Mainly plants and occasionally some shrimp.

Brewing supplies, meaning CO2 gear (tanks). Flat shipping rate of $14.99 with purchases of $50.

US-based, but will ship to Canada
Drs. Foster and Smith
Supplies for all types of pets, but excellent selection of fish stuff. Doesn't ship everything to Canada, but still a very good-looking range of items. Semi-reasonable looking shipping prices: "Flat rate fee ($18.00 US) plus 18% International Surcharge based on merchandise value."

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