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Planted Tank ďUnder New ManagementĒ

Dear PT Members,

It is with great excitement that I am here to tell you that The Planted Tank has a new owner. As of today we are now owned and operated by specializes in managing online communities and has a proven track record of success with communities that they have taken control of. I have complete confidence that they will continue to support and grow the community to a level exceeding what I could ever manage myself.


I understand that this announcement more than likely comes as a huge surprise. I originally had no intentions of passing the torch and have resisted more offers to do so that I could count. contacted me at a time and in a situation however that made perfect sense. They have vastly greater resources available to them and will be able to more with the site in a shorter amount of time than I could ever imagine.


From a technical standpoint Iím sure you know Iíve largely been a one man show. Iíve taken care of running/upgrading/crashing our many servers over the years. We are now at the size where our site deserves more stability, better performance and more reliability. Something I canít provide with all of my current commitments. The last thing I want to see is the Planted Tank suffer because I canít give it the attention it deserves. has a dedicated technical team to handle these things.

What changes can I expect?

That is the great part about it. For the most part you wonít even be aware that we are under new management. Very little will change. The site will be snappier and more responsive but from a functional standpoint daily life on Planted Tank will largely go unchanged. All of the familiar moderating faces will still be here if they so chose.

It has been a great 10 years. Starting from humble beginnings as a personal site for my 55 gallon tank, we have grown into the #1 resource for planted tanks. I will remain as a member and can always be contacted via PM. Please feel free to contact me at anytime about anything PT related or not.


Please Send all Support Requests to forumadmin
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