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Haha, I have no idea. I hauled out about a good buckets worth of JF. The stuff on the driftwood is super thinned out. I gave most of it away to my old advisor, but if I can find some, and you need some to start, lmk! Hope I'll be able to say the same about the shrimpies. :/ The rilis are all either saddled or berried though. Give it a couple of months and we'll see.

Yeah, the guy who bought the tank was on craigslist. I still can't believe he's raising guppies. Surprise of the week.

I know these metaframes are like super rare now, esp. that that one was enormous. But yeah, I didn't see what I would do with it, so I sold it. Maybe I should've asked for more, now that I think of it. Eh. Whatever.

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