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Well I went out today and picked up the fluval 406 canister filter at Ye ole petsmart for about $200 which is exactly what I had planned on spending on one if I had to get it.
Anyway.. I only had a chance to unbox it and snap a few pics before I had to go to work. Where I am now shh.

So I'm pretty sure it will be an upgrade from the 2x aqueon quiet flow 55/75 I JUST got and had the filter pads clogged in about ten days from installation.
I do plan on reducing the livestock in my tank as the platys grow a little and I decide on the markings I like which should help some. Anyway is there any reason I should take it back to the store before I find it's not enough or not quality?( I know fluval usually is good stuff)

For my co2 so I'm pretty sure I'll be going with that aquatek -California regulator/NV/solenoid and maybe the jbj bubble counter because I think I can mount it directly off the NV. Then I think I will end up going for either a inline reactor with the can filter or.. Maybe the small pump I posted its a red sea "co2 reactor 500" it's only like 3"x4"x2.5" which I think I could hide in the tank. But probably the inline one as long as I end up keeping the fluval. Besides that I think Iv collected a good amount of equipment to have a decent setup. Lights, substrate, filtration, fertilization. Just feels like I'm missing something. Oh yeah!! Plant and fish choices.

I like the rotala indica for a stemy background plant for maybe behind the driftwood
Anubias I love and I think I'd like to get maybe two dif species a few of smaller leafs and maybe one with large leaves.
Robomba? I think it's called I also want some more of.

Fish: ??
No clue right now. Currently I have too many.. Lol
+\-25 adult/juv Platys
1x Red tail shark
1x 6-8" clown loach
2x 3-4" clown loaches
3x panda Cory cats
5x juv black mollies
1x 8" common pleco
Think that's all..

But for the final product I don't think the usual tetras and danios are going to work the same way just because of the scale of my driftwood so I'm still thinking on what specis to stock the final planted tank with. Well that all for now I think Iv said too much already. Look forward to your criticizism and experienced stories

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