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Originally Posted by DubSmacks View Post
The link worked for me . I was always wondering : are these just cross bred CRS and CBS? What are they if they aren't?
They are Taiwan Bee (black king kong, ruby red, wine red, panda, etc) bred with a CRS or CBS. They don't look like Taiwan Bee's but carry the TB gene. Bred back with other mischlings or other TB's, they will start to produce TB's for you. They are a good way to either get some fresh TB gene's in your existing pool, a cheap way to start getting a few TB's by breeding the michlings with each other, or just to experiment with and breed a mischling with a tiger and then that back to the parent, etc.

Summary though, they are shrimp that are TB gene carriers. In the below chart, they are the Taiwan Hybrids, so you can see how the genetics play.

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