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I ended up taking some of the steps out of order. The canopy was pushed off while I put in an order to get the plants I want. The canopy won't be needed until the very last step: adding the betta imbellis. That and I'm assigning that bit of work to the engineer. He has ideas.

Step 8: Plant selection

After looking at a lot of pictures of the habitats that bettas come from, I've been trying to find taller, thinner plants. I'm also going for hardy plants that are happy with moderate/low light. My first order was:

3 crytocoryne spiralis
2 vallisneria spiralis Leopard
1 vallisneria corkscrew
2 crytocoryne pantederifolia
3 narrow leaf java fern
1 crytocoryne balansae

Most of these plants are new for me, but I tried to pick ones that had reputations for being sturdy. Sturdy is important. Grand total: $68. Up to $434 total.

As I'm heading out of town this weekend, the order won't be showing up until the end of next week. This should give me time to have the rest of the supplies show up. Substrate and light are here, waiting for the driftwood and filter to show up before I take my first attempt and aquascaping my big tank. I've also collected a pile of dry oak leaves, both for the fish and because I found leaf litter in just about every picture I saw of bettas in their native habitat. Since I plan to keep a population of shrimp, they should also appreciate it. A colony of red cherry shrimp can provide some live food and hopefully reproduce at a rate that will keep the numbers steady if they get a head start.
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