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Wow, thank you everyone for the replies! I did not think I would get such a response.

The reason I wanted Red Cherry's is -- I am relatively new to freshwater planted tanks and freshwater shrimp keeping, coming from saltwater. I have read the Red Cherry's are easy to keep and I did not really want to spend any money on a genus I would not be able to properly keep alive, I get somewhat upset when something aquatic dies in my care.

The reason I was looking for a local supplier is a combination of a few things -- one being price and the other being reliable shipping.

More specifically, I wanted to get my hands on some plain red cherry's and attempt at throwing in some Rili's and seeing what kinda variations they would come up with.

If anyone has suggestions on other shrimps that are easy to keep and breed that have a better appearance, I am very open minded.

The tank I am intending on colonizing with shrimp is in the final stages of a fishless cycle so there is no immediate rush for me to get shrimp in the tank.

Also -- I dont really want to pay more than about 75 cents a shrimp.
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