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CryptKeeper54's Fluval Spec V

Here it is, my impulse buy of the week. Saw this at a LFS so decided to pick one up. The Fluval Spec V. Initial thougts:

1) I love the original spec, so naturally I love the style of the spec V.

2) This tank is meant to be viewed from both sides, so aquascape accordingly.

3) LED light leaves much to be desired from planted tank enthusiasts. The light seems cheap and flimsy. Sags at the end cause it's so long. Still good enough for low light tanks (which was my plan) but no where near the output of an eheim aquastyle LED light.

I have'nt forgot you little spec.

Next to my Schuber Wright for size comparison

Shameless plug for my Ehiem Aquastyles

Tank/Volume: Fluval Spec V (5 gal)

Filter: Stock / CO2: None / Lighting: Stock / Fertilizer(s): None

Flora: Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘green’ & 'bronze', Cryptocoryne Spiralis, Echinodorus tenellus (left foreground), Hydrocotyle sp japan, Dwarf Sagittaria subulata (right foreground), unknown Lily

Fauna: 4 CRS (RAOK), not to sure how to care for them. Cool looking shrimp. I really need to get in "the scene"

Hardscape: ADA Horn Wood, ADA Yamaya stones

Substrate: Fluval Plant Stratum

p.s. Going to clean up this thread later. Getting late and barely awake as I type this.

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