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BNpleco fry tank

So my Bushy Nosed Plecos decided to get frisky, which was a total surprise to me when I came back from vacation and saw all the fry swimming around their little cave.
A couple days later there were no more fry, but my angelfish looked well fed... I was pretty bummed. But then they bred again! So I Set up a six gallon "bookshelf" aquarium to house the fry in. It was bare bottom until last night. I'm having an open house today, and didn't want to leave this weird science project looking thing sitting on my kitchen counter. Raising baby brine shrimp for the angelfish fry didn't help with the non-science fair look that I wanted either. So I filtered out the brine shrimp from the water, dumped them all in the tank, and that took care of the upside down bubbling coke bottle.
I decided to go driftwood collecting down by the river, and moved a java fern over from my other tank. A little fishing string and some play sand later, and this is what I have. Let me know what you think.
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