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Look at the lower picture, the full tank shot.

Mentally make tic-tac-toe lines across the tank to divide the tank not into 3 (real tic-tac-toe) but into 5 sections.

Your major elements should be in the sections that represent 2/5 and 3/5 of the tank. Not centered, not too far to the outside. Right now the stumps are too far to the outside, and too symmetrical, too balanced. The plant that is almost in the center is not too bad, but it is just enough off center to be irritating, not interesting. I mentally keep trying to center it. Move it more off center.
The other plants are too symmetrical. Same species mirror imaged left and right. Do not do this. Instead, put the same species near each other, a small group of one type over here and a small group of the other type over there.
The height of those stumps is very good, but too symmetrical. I would look for one that is tall (like you have) and one that is more horizontal, perhaps longer than it is tall, or perhaps just lay one of those over.

Fish species: Too many different species that all like the same area of the tank.
Select one mid tank school, perhaps 2 schools in this large a tank, but make them different shaped fish, like the Bleeding Hearts or Phantoms (lower mid-tank, disc shaped fish) and Gold Barbs (torpedo shaped fish). Actually the gold barb would not be my choice for a schooling torpedo shaped fish. In this large a tank perhaps Red Line Barbs would work well.
Then select a larger specimen (Gourami is fine, or some Rainbows)
Then some lower fish (a school of Cories, or half a dozen small Loaches like Zebras...)
As it is, I think I am seeing at least 4 species, none of them in a group large enough to show true schooling behavior. A 'Noah's Arc' tank. ("I'll take 2 of these, and 2 of those...")
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