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Seth's 72g, the never ending project.

I am about a year late in starting this tank journal. The longer I wait the longer this is goin to take me. Since the beginning I have been taking pictures. It's hard for me to date them but I will post them. This tank has gone through many changes and this will probably take multiple post

Ok well I'm sorry I'm lazy I tried writing things after each photo and with tapatalk it's not easy. I'm doin this all with my phone.

I started out with 4 t5ho bulbs
6700k x 2

It was beautiful until the algae explosion
I learned a few things and dropped m lighting down to two bulbs. After trying multiple combinations I went with a 6700k and a 5000k

I had a Rena filstar xp2 with lily pipes, a hydor 300w inline heater and an up aqua co2 atomizer

I have added a fluval fx5

I also have an airstone that runs at night when the c02 is off

I think this covers equipment

The tank is currently 1 bulb low light because I have a leak in my c02 system and I'm upgrading everything. In the mean time I have no co2 and low light

Most of the pictures have a a rock structure, I pulled that out because I don't like it and it's only in there for my bgk. I have reused the rock in my 72g low tech tank I am cycling for my bgk he is a nuisance.

I will also be taking the xp2 off of this tank. This means I need to find a 1" inline heater and I will be building an rg style reactor

Those tubes will be gone soon they
Are temporary hiding
Places for the bgk until his tank is ready
My big question is; what do i do with this open space, I want to change things up but not majorlyClick image for larger version

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