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Back again! So I have a few quick questions.. First of all should I ultimately be aiming for a canister filter for a planted setup? And why? Also when I get around to "caping" my substrate should I use sand or small gravel? And what kind of rocks might look good in mu setup? Also I have a pleco that Iv had for about 9 mos now and he's about 6-8" now. I was wondering if I should start finding him a new home if I'm going for a fully planted tank with capeting plants?

As far as my water goes.. I have a RO unit that makes about 1g/hr that i got for my saltwater tank.. but I was wondering which is better for the plants: ro + seachem eq. Or tap water + water cond./dechlor?? I'll test my tap and RO water as soon as I get some test strips. A few more things my anubius plants I think they are nanas, they have grown alot since I put the new lights on but a few have some dark spots and small holes here's a pic

I read that they ate very low light plants but that people have grown them in high light with co2 injection? I do plan on getting pressurized co2 setup realy soon but should I replant them or move something slightly over it till I redo the whole tank? Last question. Iv read Alot about ferts but still a little noob to all the technical side of it all. But are premixed solutions, for example the flourish line of liquid ferts like comprehensive and iron like I have now, going to be enough when I have a tank full of plants soaking up all that new light? That's all for now hoping to redo the tank twords the end of the month. Here's a mid day pic my gf took while I was at work

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