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Originally Posted by ravensgate View Post
See, I've always heard the colors are much more vibrant when they are kept outdoors probably due to the light. Hmmmmm. Something for my to think about. I've only had them out there a few weeks and they are juvies so it's hard to tell much of anything right now. DOesn't help I can't see into the container too good either. LOL! Did you ever have issues with drangonfly or damselfly nymphs getting in there? That's my main concern.
I've had both dragonfly or damselfly nymphs. I've never actually seen them eat a shrimp, but then again the most recent one I pulled out looked big enough to eat the White Clouds as well as the shrimp. I'd recommend looking for nasties at night with a flashlight. It seems to be the best way to find them.
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