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Ok, list time...

  1. Drain water from tank and sump
  2. Remove pumps/heater
  3. Clean tank and sump glass (exterior)
  4. Caulk chipped area of overflow (trim Saturday)
  5. Disassemble plumbing (check out that leaky bulkhead) & clean
  6. Fabricate/paint hood

  1. Trim caulking patch on overflow
  2. Move sump into place
  3. Move tank into place
  4. Check level of tank (ensure weir will be even)
  5. Plumbing dry install, measure, cut
  6. Plumbing glue-up
  7. Fabricate/install brackets to support plumbing
  8. Run power & set up UPSes
  9. Substrate layout (hardscape->MTS->gravel)

  1. Do water tests
  2. Establish baseline in notebook
  3. Pick up ammonia & dechlorinator/fish food

Jeepers! Lots to do. I need to figure out a solution for a cover/hood - at this point will try and make one (wood & paint) rather than do the glass route - too expensive at this stage. Lots of DIY stuff out there on light hoods that I've seen, so not too difficult.
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