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Originally Posted by tetra10 View Post
thanks for commenting! im actually just spraying heavily. i dont want to fill it because i dont want to run into mold and fungus problems. just resprayed today so the hc should be all good. someone told me that if i see leaf yellowing, im putting in too much water. so when i saw the leaves yellowing, i put less water.....
Ah, there's your problem! Like Hoppy said, dry start doesn't actually mean DRY start. The water level must be filled to reach the level just where the substrate ends, basically.
Hmm... I'm thinking the leaves are yellowing for the exact opposite reason. :s Even most land plants MUST have their dirt soaked thoroughly with water every few days, or else they dry to death.

ETA: Check out plantbrain's tank journal on DSM for HC. I managed to find the page for it, so you can start going through the pages on HC from there. You can see in the picture how the water level should be when doing this method for HC. Tom's 180 wood scaping Good luck!

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