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My 0.94 gallon New MTS test using Azomite...

So I plan to set up my old 0.5g betta cube as a mineralized top soil tank, but instead of using Aaron Talbot's/Sean Murphy's original route to setting up a MTS tank (link below to said posting).

How-To: Mineralized Soil Substrate (MTS), by Aaron Talbot

Instead of using Potash, and Dolomite to enrich the soil; I'll be using Azomite Powder to enrich the soil for my test. Information of Azomite can be found on links below....



So with that said, and information in the above links I plan to go ahead and give it a try. So here we go......

Tank - 0.5 gallon Betta Cube (6"x6"x6").

Filtration - Tom Rapids Nano in-tank filter.

Lighting - Fluval Edge old series halogen lighting w/ upgraded MR-11 6500k LED Bulbs.

Substrate - 1" Topsoil mineralized with Azomite, and chelated Iron, capped by .5" of SeaChem Flourite.

Co2 - DIY Co2 w/ yeast, sugar, and water.

I already have a couple pieces of natural driftwood to use in the tank, and plan on doing a dry start method using some dwarf hairgrass, some java moss, and a couple Echinodorus Tenellus.

Basically this is just to test out the Azomte in a MTS setup, and see the results of it on a planted aquarium. I'll be setting up this experiment this weekend, since I need to clean up the tank, and install a couple of things to get it ready. Pictures will follow upon setting up the tank, and new pictures every week to show any progression and/or failures. I expect to get into more specific details every 15 days, so at the 15 day mark, 30 day mark, 45 day mark, and finally 60 day mark.

So I hope everyone will be patient, and follow along on this experimental MTS route of a planted aquarium.

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