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The reactor I showed is from drs F+S for I think $35 as long as its not too huge I think I can hide it behind some of my woodwork and plants and get "99%" co2 dissolved into the water. I just don't want it to be 6x6x12 huge pump I wont be able to hide. As for the Gregg reactor I don't think is viable for me right now because I don't have a canister. I actually just got two aqueon quiet flow 55/75 filters for the easy of media changes. At this point Iv put the lights and filters on. Waiting on my co2 to start the tear down and rebuild. But should I be running air stones still? Should I be trying for surface agitation? I have been co2 boosting and ferts with flourish iron and comprehensive Basicly as the label directs. Any direction would be great sorry if I'm scatter brained lol. Thanks for the input!!

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