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Hi Rachel, back again with even more questions. Seer, thats what you get for being so nice, lol.
My tank: cpds x 12, habrosus cory x8, danio choprae x10, y. cruciatus x10, Boraras brigittae x10. medium planted and light, lots of cover plants so pretty dark in parts of the tank.
I'm looking for something that is small in size to take up some of the middle of the tank. would the landgraf tetras or Microdevario kubotai (though few left makes me think you don't have a dozen) be too timid with these other fish?
Also, the chili rasboras I got stay pretty much exclusively in the roots of the surface plants. Would adding more make them more bold so as to venture into sight once in a while?
oh and just a note something got messed up on your website all the beautiful fish pics have been replaced with red x's. or is it me? hmmm.

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