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So I have this derimmed 20 long and I was bored this weekend so I decided to try something different.

I wanted to do a riparium but the height of the tank is fairly limiting so I decided to try a mish mash of a riparium/paludarium.

The tank is in my basement on a large shelving unit intended for storage (but is slowly becoming my fish rack...don't tell me wife). I had an led fixture that I made a while back so i mounted that to the underside of the shelf above.

I had this intank filter doodad from an old eclipse tank that i decided to turn into a sort of mattenfilter. It seems to work well, the only downside is that it is not very easy to change the filter floss.

Added the rocks and anubias...was going for a rocky steep sided river edge with emergent portions. Covered the out put of the pump and added a koralia nano and voila!

The output allows the water to cascade over the rocks on the right and splish splash into the tank.

I added some mosses and creeping jenny to the emergent portion.

I think i am going to add some terrestrial plants behind the tank to give it a jungly feel. I am undecided if I want to add some other plants in the foreground or leave it bare.

I also don't know whats going in the tank yet, thanks for looking! It was a fun little project.
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