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Talking esarkipato's 29g Setup (56K warning)

Okay, first off I'm new to getting pictures onto PT posts, so bear with me.

I spent 6 hours Friday tearing down my 20 gallon tank (which housed fish and plants) and setting up a 29 gallon in it's place. Not only that, but the new tank has flourite in the substrate! OOOOHHHH what a headache. But on to the picutures . . . .

Here's the old tank, taken before takedown:

Setting up the divider for the substrate on new tank:

Here's with the Flourite and Pool Filter Sand:

Overhead view:

I had to stick my canister on there with a bunch of floss, getting messy. Don't forget that my other tank is just sitting there, with a bubbler on it and 4" of water!

Planted, but still foggy. VERY hard to plant a tank you can't see into, but I was in a hurry.

The Result.

Blue Ram likes the sand . . .

So does the Goby . . .

Unfortunately, the 2 Blue Rams did not survive the transition. They made it to the new tank, but couldn't adjust. The 7 black neons, 2 yoyo loaches, and the goby all survived though.

In hindsight, I would NOT set up a tank with flourite in it, while the fish are waiting to be transferred. It was super stressful, but now I have 6" more height to play with plants!! heheeeee

Comments/suggestions encouraged!


29 Gallon Tank: 110W PC Lights, Milwaukee MA957 CO2, Fluorite/Sand Substrate, Checked into E.I. Rehab


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